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             To: Medical Staff

            From: Dr. Frank Bauer, M.D. Director Collaborative Laboratory Services

            Date: August, 4th, 2017

            Subject: Reference Lab Testing            

            Begining Tuesday August 8th, 2017 and continuing for next few weeks, Collaborative Laboratory Services (CLS) will

           transition reference testing from Mayo Medical Laboratories to Warde Medical Laboratory (WML), co-owned by Trinity

           Health since 1997.


            Careful review of top 100 most ordered tests identified that Mayo and Warde test menus were similar, however, there

            will be some changes, most notably 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D testing. WML vitamin D testing measures both vitamin D2 

            and vitamin D3 but only reports the total vitamin D concentration as it has been determined that separate measurement

            is not clinically useful (Bak, R.S.:Vitamin D and Metabolite. In:Warde Medical Laboratory publications.2006, Volume 17,

            Number 1).


            A link to Warde Medical Laboratory test catalog will be available on the CLS website located on Infonet and at

           The Warde Medical Laboratory website may also be accessed at


            Any questions or concerns please contact:


            Dr. Frank Bauer, M.D. Director of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at 860-714-4398

            Kathleen Luczyk, Regional Executive Director of Laboratory Services Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center Trinity

            Health New England at 860-714-5781

            Mary Onoroski, Technical Services Manager at 860-714-4273

            Mary Zaleski, Quality and Safety Manager at 860-714-6355

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