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Supply Order Requisition

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Vacutainer SST 5ml  (Pkg of 100)


Blood Culture, Pediatric (#Each)


Vacutainer Red 6ml (Pkg of 100)


Blood Culture, Aerobic (#Each)


Vacutainer Red 4ml (Pkg of 100)


Blood Culture, Anaerobic (#Each)


Vacutainer Blue 2.7ml (Pkg of 100)


Iodine Swab for Blood Culture (#Each)


Vacutainer Lavender 3ml (Pkg of 100)


H. Pylori Breath Test Kit (#Each)


Vacutainer Black Top (Sed Rates) (25)


Bacterial Culture Swab (Throat-Genital-Wound) (25)


Vacutainer Gray 4ml (Pkg/100)


Viral Culture Swab (Herpes-Varicella-Myco/Ureaplasmas)(#Each)


Vacutainer Green 3ml (Li Hep) (Pkg/100)


Anaerobic Culture Swab (#Each)


Vacutainer Green 3ml (Na Hep) (Pkg/100)


BD Affirm Swab (Bacterial Vaginitis/Vaginosis) (10)






Vacutainer Holder (bag of 250)


Thin Prep Pap Vial (Tray of 25)




Thin Prep Collection Spatula-Brush (Pkg of 25)


Needle Holder for Blood Cultures (#Each)


Thin Prep Collection Broom (Pkg of 25)


Tourniquets 1 “x18” (#Each)


Gen-Probe Aptima Unisex Swab (CT/GC)(#Each)


Alcohol Prep Pads (200/box)


Gen-Probe Aptima Urine Collection Tube (CT/GC)(#Each)




Formalin 15ml Pre-filled Jar (#Each)


Band Aids


Formalin 30ml Pre-filled Jar(#Each)






Urine Culture Sterile Cup (#Each)


Cytology Non-Gyn Transport Vial(#Each)


Urine Preservative Transfer Straw Kit (50/Box)




Antiseptic Wipes for Urine Culture (100/Box)


1 Qt. Sharps Container (#Each)


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